Women still more likely than men to handle household chores in U.S.

By Gallup - May 20, 2021

Women reported they were far more likely than men to do laundry, house cleaning, cooking, vacuuming, and more, according to Gallup.

Per the study, 58% of women said they are more likely to do laundry compared with 13% of men. Fifty-one percent of women said they are more likely to clean the house compared with 9% of men.

Simply put, women are expected to bear a larger load of indoor household duties in the United States. However, men are expected to take lead on keeping car in order (69%) and doing yardwork (59%).

Bar chart. List of 12 household chores and who is most likely to do them.


Gallup Poll: Women Still Doing Most Household Chores
Despite the ongoing efforts for gender equality, so-called “traditional” household roles have not changed. A new study shows women are still doing most of the chores; CBS2’s Scott Rapoport reports.