Woman fires shots in Burger King window, insists food took too long

Let’s hope this isn’t a new trend.

Per the Memphis, TN Police Facebook page, law enforcement there responded to a shooting at a Burger King fast food restaurant on Tuesday, March 30.

Officers were told that a female customer, who had ordered food via the drive-thru window, was livid about the wait time and decided to express her anger in a most violent way.

The impatient female, after waiting for an unspecified time, exited the front passenger seat of a mid-sized, four-door, gray sedan and proceeded to the drive-thru acceptance window to voice her displeasure over the wait. Unfortunately, after the conversation with Burger King staff apparently got heated, the situation spiraled well out of control.

Video surveillance shows the woman, after reaching into the same car she’d previously exited, now brandishing a gun. She then extended her upper body through the drive-thru window and proceeded to fire several shots at the Burger King staff. Fortunately, no one was hurt as the employees alertly took cover.

A male driver accompanied the suspect and, thus far, no arrests have been made.

Everyone has bad days but this was inexcusable. Someone could have been killed.

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