Which food sales will slump as restaurant dining reopens?

By FoodDive - May 20, 2021

Dive Brief:

  • Meat is 50% more likely than the average grocery category to see a decrease in sales when restaurants reopen, according to Numerator’s new Grocery Vulnerability Index, which aims to measure the impact that increased out-of-home dining will have on supermarkets and other food retailers as pandemic restrictions ease. 

  • Herbs and spices are 46% more likely to see a decrease in sales compared to other segments, while Numerator considers condiments (19%), packaged bakery (13%) and dairy (8%) as moderately vulnerable. Frozen foods along with baking and cooking ingredients are listed in the “wait and see” category, with slightly elevated risk of declines.

  • Candy and shelf-stable meals are least likely to see a decline in grocery purchases, along with breakfast foods, canned foods, produce and alcohol.


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