‘Turn On The Subtitles’ Campaign Aimed At Making Children Better Readers

By Moms.com - March 14, 2021

Studies have shown that watching TV with the subtitles on may even double your chances of becoming a great reader.

A new campaign is encouraging moms everywhere to turn the subtitles on their TV’s to help their children learn how to read. Learning to read is essential, but it can be a challenge for a lot of children and their parents. They read the children’s books with them, and encourage them to sound out the words and try a few of them on their own. Literacy is an important skill, but mom may be wondering if there is a better way to encourage and teach reading to children, and it turns out there may be.

A lot of emphasis has been placed on screen time and TV, and children are watching more TV now than they ever have before. Mom can use this to her advantage by turning on the subtitles to her child’s favorite TV show or movie.