The most disgusting US. president ever? No, it isn’t Donald Trump

By admin - October 6, 2021

How repulsive was Lyndon B. Johnson? Contact with him put one at risk of encountering a profane spectacle of burping, farting, and crotch-scratching

As the world awaits the next nasty utterance from former President Donald Trump, one can only marvel at how history itself has ended up in (language alert!) — a “shithole.”

Amid the chronic shock and horrified reactions, people have become blind to the fact that he is not (yet) the most disgusting U.S. president in living memory. That title actually belongs to a Texan Democrat, Lyndon B. Johnson, a howling, flatulent tormentor of women whose cussing and racism remain breathtaking today. And if you’re offended by Trump’s level of vulgarity, you really — really — don’t want to read any further.

Indeed, numerous Washington insiders — reporters, officials, cronies — did not reveal their knowledge of Johnson’s ugly side until 1980, when oral biographer Merle Miller coaxed them. Later biographers, including Robert A. Caro, Robert Dallek, and Randall B. Woods, have added to the revelations.

The text above is taken from National Post’s article The most vulgar American president ever? It sure as #$@!%* isn’t Donald Trump

Johnson allegedly…

  • Masterminded the assassination of his predecessor, President John F. Kennedy, according to many experts (this is probably the only unproven item on the list)
  • (As a boy) tied dynamite to a dog and blew it up
  • Lifted his beagle by its ears to pose for an A.P. photographer (See cover pic)
  • Took a dump on occasion during face-to-face meetings with staff, even inviting them inside the bathroom
  • Groped women, including aids and reporters
  • Used the N-word religiously, and repeatedly demeaned Blacks while behind closed doors despite enacting some of the most consequential civil rights legislation in U.S. history
  • Told close friends his wife, the well-respected Lady Bird, was “the best piece of ass I ever had”
  • Chided female staffers if they appeared to have put on a few pounds
  • Had absolutely, positively no perception of personal space
  • Unleashed tirades at subordinates that were described as “callous and inhuman.”

To his credit, though, Johnson was responsible for:

1) the passing of landmark civil rights legislation
2) reducing unemployment and invigorating the economy
3) initiating social welfare programs to help those in need
4) decreasing national poverty rates
5) creating Medicare and Medicaid, and
6) enacting significant gun control legislation

Perhaps there’s no comparing LBJ and Trump in their respective levels of vulgarity – AND effectiveness.

LBJ, unlike Trump, was quite impactful as a leader and fairly successful in helping the little guy, including senior citizens, Blacks, and our nation’s most impoverished.But, the guy unquestionably had issues.

His downfall, of course, was the Vietnam War and the quandary it presented.

For more on Johnson’s lewdness, access National Post’s article The most vulgar American president ever? It sure as #$@!%* isn’t Donald Trump

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