Texit – Texas lawmakers considering secession?

By Lee Cleveland, Polls and Trends - January 13, 2021

When your party loses control of the government by fair elections you not only insist there was fraud, you also threaten to leave the Union.

A new trend these days?

Instead of Brexit, let’s call it Texit.

Will Texas give it a go?

Per the longtime conservative publication Human Events, Texas state lawmakers are considering a Brexit-style departure from the United States due to the presumed impending socialism that will pervade the country when Joe Biden becomes president.

Yes, that’s the primary reason given despite the fact Biden hasn’t taken office yet nor has any legislation been officially introduced.

Perhaps they should, at the very least, see what happens first. Life as we know it won’t end under the Biden Administration, contrary to the thinking of conspiracy theorists.

Fact: The United States, during the Biden Administration, will remain one of the most capitalistic nations on earth.

But some folks just don’t care about the facts.

“This is not about war, this is not about actually seceding from the United States,” Rep. Kyle Biedermann said in an interview with Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo. “This is about the beginning of a process, an act, just like Brexit,” he added.

“Brexit was a vote of the people and then five years of a process.”

Apparently, lawmakers in the Lone Star State have already started working on legislation that will bring the Texit idea to voters; And they’ve hinted we should expect a slow and methodical process in which state officials and residents will be able explore all the pros and cons prior to any decisions made.

Fact: Texas cannot legally secede so a lot of maneuvering and negotiating via Texit would have to be achieved in order to resurrect “The Republic of Texas.”

Texans, do you want to live in an independent nation state… The Republic of Texas?

Rep. Biedermann suggested there’s research to suggest most residents of the Lone Star State would support the move.

What research, exactly? Where is this data?

And if the movement fails at the ballot box, will the bill’s drafters cry fraud and pursue it anyway? That seems to be the trend these days.

Speaking of trends, other states apparently want to follow suit.

“We’ve been getting so many positive responses from other states, so other states will want to join what we’re doing,” said Rep Biedermann. “The majority of states are not happy with the federal government.”

… But most Americans aren’t happy with President Trump or how his government has operated the last four years, Rep Biedermann.

What does that have to do with Biden who has yet to be sworn in?

It’s all about socialism, remember?

Can Texas get away with secession, financially?

The state has its own supply of gold, it’s own power grid and is 95 percent privately owned, according to the article; so it wouldn’t be impossible.

“We have so many things that other states don’t have, but Texas can lead and these states can join with us,” Biedermann pressed.

Texas secession – Texit stats and facts

  • The Republic of Texas would the world’s 46th largest country with 26 million citizens

  • The economy would be the 13th largest in the world

  • (Correction: We previously reported Texas was landlocked. It isn’t. And we thank an observant reader for calling us out on the error).

  • Per the Texas Constitution, the state could conceivably break up into 5 separate U.S. states anytime. (Just as we have Virginia and West Virginia, and North Dakota and South Dakota, there’s little stopping Texas from becoming East Texas, North Texas, West Texas and so on)

  • Texas, once a Mexican state, became its own republic via a successful militaristic revolution prior to joining the U.S. Such a revolt against the United States would be out of the question today due to America’s vastly superior military might.

  • Secession, should it happen, would have to be something the majority of Texans wanted and they would need the U.S. Government’s blessing before going forward.

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