Tech-savvy seniors: 1 in 3 older folks now prefer sending texts, emoji, GIFs over phone calls

By Study Finds - June 10, 2021

NEW YORK — Move over kids, grandma and grandpa are ready to enter the smartphone conversation.

A new study finds Americans over 65 have finally mastered the art of the text. In fact, one in three now prefer texting to phone calls.

For today’s seniors, figuring out texting and social media has given them quite a bit of joy as they say it’s a great way to bond with their grandkids. A recent survey finds that those over 65 even have favorite emojis including the heart (43%) and the happy face (43%). Other popular emojis for those over 65 include the beer emoji and assorted animals.

One in 10 have even surpassed emoji use and now send GIFs to stay in touch with their grandchildren.

The pandemic also prompted one in three seniors to learn how to use social media and brush up on their pop culture skills as a way to bond with the younger members of their family. 


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