Steve Bannon believed Trump had dementia, wanted removal

By Leroy Cleveland, Polls and Trends - February 16, 2021

Right wing political strategist Steve Bannon is often credited as the campaign staffer most responsible for getting Donald Trump elected to the presidency in 2016. However, soon after Bannon was hired in January 2017 as the Trump White House’s chief strategist, he questioned the then-president’s mental acuity and no longer deemed him fit for his role.

According to veteran “60 Minutes producer” Ira Rosen via a recent Skullduggery podcast, Bannon, after assuming his high role in Trump’s inner circle, worked behind the scenes to try to invoke the 25th Amendment to have Trump removed from office, insisting Donald was in the “early stages of dementia.”

“[Bannon] didn’t want to talk about it on ’60 Minutes’ at the time … but he had laid out the record at that time,” Rosen said. “This was a period of time where he had great frustrations with Trump.”

“Trump was kind of throwing him under the bus a little,” he continued. “There was a TIME magazine portrait of Bannon, of the person who got Trump secretly elected, and Trump took a lot of sh*t for that from his New York friends. He kind of turned on Bannon and Bannon was a little on the outs in this period of time.”

“Bannon realized that Trump was repeating the same stories over and over again… and Bannon wanted to do something about it,” Rosen explained, adding that Bannon believed he could take over the right-wing movement from Trump.

Trump sometimes referred to Bannon as ‘Sloppy Steve’ after the two parted ways.

Bannon, who also played a key role in popularizing the controversial alt-right news site Breitbart, was thought by many to be Trump’s right-hand man but served only eight months in the White House before he was asked to resign.

In January 2018, weeks after Bannon left the White House, he was disavowed by Trump for critical comments reported in Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury which highlighted descriptions of Trump’s alleged behavior and chaotic interactions among senior White House staff. In the book, Trump is depicted as being held in low regard by his staffers, leading Wolff to claim that “100% of the people around him” believed Trump was unfit for office.

In a Vanity Fair piece written by Gabriel Sherman and released in December 2017, the magazine reported that Bannon joked to a friend that Trump acted like an 11-year-old child and that Donald admitted to his own advisers that after a year in office, he’d “lost a step.”

Back then, Bannon concluded that Trump had just a 30 percent chance of finishing his term, insisting the then-president was likely to be removed from office via the 25th Amendment or an impeachment conviction.

The aforementioned podcast can be accessed here.

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