Semaglutide: Weight loss drug cuts body weight by 20 percent in obese patients?

By Study Finds - February 11, 2021

The battle to lose weight can be a difficult one, but a new study reveals patients struggling with obesity may soon get some much needed help. Researchers from University College London say a new drug can help significantly cut body weight in obese patients. One in three participants in an international trial of semaglutide lost around 20 percent of their extra weight.

Researchers are calling the results of the 68-week drug trial a “game changer” when it comes to improving health and cutting disease risk in overweight individuals. Study authors say semaglutide works by hijacking the body’s appetite regulating system in the brain. This reduces the feeling of hunger and, along with diet changes and increasing activity, lowers calorie intake.

Nearly 2,000 people in 16 countries participated in the semaglutide trial. After receiving a weekly injection of the drug, the average patient lost over 33 pounds during the 16-month study.


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