Race relations in America: 73% concerned, per Gallup poll

A March 1-15, 2021 Gallup poll suggests Americans are deeply concerned about racial issues. According to the study, 48 percent say they are worried “a great deal” – an increase of 17 points versus the same poll a year ago.

Twenty-five percent insist they’re concerned a “fair amount” while 27 percent are a “little” or “not at all” concerned.

Republicans and Democrats obviously disagree to what extent racism is a problem in the States. While 64 percent of left leaners insist it’s a cause for great concern only 31 percent of right leaners feel the same way.

What caused the surge in public unease about race relations in America?

The poll didn’t address why people are so concerned about race relations in America but it’s not difficult to surmise how we got here.

  • Videotaped death of George Floyd via a policeman
  • Killing of Breonna Taylor via police who went to the wrong home
  • Killing of Ahmaud Arbery by wannabe vigilantes and the alleged initial unwillingness of the District Attorney’s Office to properly investigate the incident
  • Shooting of Jacob Blake while his back was turned
  • Nationwide protests to address racial unrest and skirmishes between protesters and white supremacists
  • Rioters who sometimes accompanied peaceful protesters
  • Rise in hate crimes against Asians
  • Then-President Trump’s attempt to invalidate votes in several cities with high minority populations following the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election
  • Death rates of Blacks and Hispanics during the pandemic and the exposure of vastly different levels of hospital care among the races
  • Rise of white supremacist groups and their increased relevance in society
  • Law enforcement’s reaction to racially diverse anti-racism protests versus their response to the predominately White-led insurrection at the U.S. Capitol
  • Racially inflammatory remarks by police and public officials nationwide

The very controversial recently amended laws in Georgia that’ll create voting obstacles for poor folks and stack the odds in Republicans’ favor were passed after Gallup’s poll on race relations was conducted. As a result, the number of Americans worried about race issues is probably a little higher than 73% at the time of this publish (Mar 27).

Even if racism isn’t trending anymore, its tolerance certainly is.

Racism in America is still largely frowned upon, and the number of Americans who’ll commit racist acts are far outnumbered by (alleged) non-racists who won’t.

Perhaps America’s biggest problem isn’t its number of hardcore racists per se – It’s the (alleged) non-racist people who turn a blind eye to racism and subsequently ask in a clueless tone, ‘What’s the problem? I’m not a racist. No one I know supports hate groups.’

… Unfortunately, so long as SOMEONE ELSE is the victim, many of those (alleged) “non-racists” are still all too willing to look the other way while maintaining a level of unabashed contentment.

That’s today’s trend, isn’t it?

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