NY mayor race 2021: Tightening?

New York City will elect a new mayor this year as its current chief, Bill de Blasio, is unable to immediately run again due to term limits.

The election will consist of a primary on June 22, followed by a general election on November 2. And for the first time in the history of New York mayoral races, ranked-choice voting in the primaries will be implemented allowing voters to rate their top-five candidates.

To no surprise, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang continues to lead the Democratic field.

A poll of registered Democrats, conducted between March 15 and 18 by cell phone and landline, reported support for Yang at 16 percent. Eric Adams and Maya Wiley registered percentages of 10 and 6 percent, respectively, while City Comptroller Scott Stringer dropped far behand at 5 percent.

The survey was conducted by New York City lobbyist George Fontas in collaboration with Core Decision Analytics.

Should March’s numbers be concerning for Team Yang? A late January poll, conducted online instead of via telephone, had Yang soaring with 28 percent. Adams, Wiley and Stringer garnered 17, 8 and 13 percent, respectively.

Andrew Yang remains the frontrunner in the crowded Democratic field but is certainly more vulnerable than many expected if March’s poll is the more accurate of the two.

“The leading candidate, if you will, is nobody,” Fontas said via Politico. “We’ve got a lot of ball to play here.”

Fact: Fifty percent of voters were undecided in March’s poll.

Fontas’ poll also indicated more than 50 percent of voters prefer a unifier while just 10 percent desire an outsider who’ll take an unorthodox approach to governing. Moreover, it suggests Yang has 85 percent name recognition compared to rivals Stringer and Adams who roughly 67 percent of New Yorkers have heard of.  

In politics, name recognition means a lot and Yang made a fine account of himself when running for the Democratic presidential nomination, catapulting into the political mainstream and building a fairly strong following.

Will Andrew Yang win the 2021 New York City Mayoral Election?

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