More Republicans turn against Trump, but…

By Leroy Cleveland, Polls and Trends - January 16, 2021

Throughout his presidency, President Donald Trump’s popularity among Republicans has remained the one constant. (At least among those who still considered themselves Republicans following Trump’s ascent)

As late as December, when Trump was widely floating zany conspiracy theories weeks after losing his bid for re-election, some polls still showed the president with an approval rating in the high 80s among Republicans.


However, after inciting a violent insurrection at the Capitol, we’re starting to see some attrition in Trump’s favorability among GOP voters.

Per a poll conducted by Pew Research from January 8-12, just 60 percent of Republicans approve of Trump, marking a huge drop from previous Pew polls. Moreover, via the same poll, the president’s overall approval rating sank to an abysmal 29 percent.

If the election were today, Trump would hardly be competitive against Joe Biden, who will assume the Office on January 20.

Republicans not supporting Donald Trump?
A sixty percent approval rating in your own party isn’t disastrous. The problem for the GOP is that those who support him REALLY support him and truly believe he’s the cat’s meow. But, the ones who oppose him REALLY oppose him.

Because Trump is so divisive, we could see a rift in the party if his critics among GOP voters are anything like establishment Republican leaders, such as Sens. Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse and Lisa Mirkowski, who seem to dislike him almost as much as Democrats.

President Trump, in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, lost the popular vote by over 7 million and the electoral college 306 to 232; And that was with an approval rating north of 80 percent among Republicans. He can ill-afford to lose ANY support if he wants to have a chance of regaining the presidency in four years (Pending his eligibility due to his recent impeachment).

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