Monkey Tail Beard: Massively trending in 2021?

Remember when goatees became super trendy in the 90s? It seemed like every dude between 22 and 55 who could grow facial hair had one.

And over the last 10 years, we’ve seen a surge in long, bushy beards; especially among men 35 and older.

So, what’ll be the next facial hair trend?

Enter: The Monkey Tail Beard

Bizarre "monkey tail beard" trend takes over the Internet (PHOTOS) | Curated

If you haven’t seen one in person yet, you will soon.

In fact, the look is exploding on Instagram and in other social media as men are already getting creative and sporting various versions of The Monkey Tail Beard.

A Monkey Tail Beard can be created when you groom your beard and moustache into a monkey-tail shape. Your facial hair should come down one sideburn, down the jawline, across the chin and link up to the moustache which is curled around in a loop…. Like a money’s tail.

Major League Baseball pitcher Mike Fiers of the Oakland A’s is believed to be the first celebrity to sprout the look, unleashing it in September 2019.


They [teammates] dared me to do it. They didn’t think I’d go out there and pitch with it. I didn’t care.

Mike Fiers

I’m a big fan of facial hair styles and haven’t tried anything new since I bleached by goatee blonde in 2017 (I’m a brotha with very dark brown hair). Maybe this will be next?

The Monkey Tail Beard may not last as long as the iconic goatee but expect it to be trendy this year… And possibly in 2022.

The Monkey Tail Beard Is The Most Bizarre Beard Trend Of 2021 & Men Can't  Stop Trying It Out

Are you a man with a Monkey Tail Beard?

Are you thinking about growing one?

If you’re a woman reading this, please share your thoughts.


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