Jaydon Blue sparks new trend? High school star refuses to suit up senior year to save himself for college football

This is so ridiculous it makes sense.

Will it become a trend?

Running back Jaydon Blue, a Texas Longhorns commit, won’t play football his senior year in high school because he wants to save a season of “wear and tear” on his body.

Can he do that?

According to Saturday Down South, the young man had already received 36 scholarship offers so he’s good enough to do almost anything he wants.

And surely the University of Texas isn’t complaining about its star recruit prioritizing for them already.

At 5-foot 11 ½ and 205 pounds, Blue is the No. 3 ranked running back and is the No. 48 overall prospect in the 2022 class per 247Sports Composite rankings.

It’s probably a smart decision. I played varsity football and know firsthand how rough it can be. However, I wasn’t the talent Blue is and don’t fully understand how the scholarship system works.

Would a career-ending injury his senior year nullify those offers?

Again, he’s right about football being a brutal sport; even on the high school level serious injuries are not uncommon.

Second, even if he didn’t sustain an injury, the extra season, with the months of practicing and scrimmage drills, alone, would certainly add to the wear and tear on his body.

Physical attrition, sometimes even more so than age, can bring an athlete’s career to an abrupt demise.

Legendary college and pro football running back Earl Campbell was a mere shadow of his former self at the tender age of 29 because his body got old quickly from the years of punishment.

OK, so the analogy is a stretch and Blue’s decision might be selfish but it’s hard to argue with the young man.

Of course, his teammates and coaches, as well as others who helped mold Blue for the past 3 years, were probably expecting big things from him in the coming season and are likely a bit disappointed.

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