George Floyd marchers were “rioters” while Capitol insurrectionists were “protesters,” per Arkansas high school yearbook

Bentonville Jr. high principal apologizes after yearbook publishes “inaccurate”, “political” and “biased” content

Per 40/24 News, school officials in northwest Arkansas are apologizing for disinformation printed in a junior high yearbook, admitting that they are “inaccurate,” “biased,” and “political.”

“40/29 News received yearbook photos from a concerned parent who wished to stay anonymous. The first photo shows former President Donald Trump with the caption, ‘President Trump WAS NOT impeached,’” reported Emma Claybrook.

But Trump was impeached, again, and trial proceedings began on February 9, 2021, and concluded with his acquittal on February 13.

“Another photo shows protesters in Minneapolis after George Floyd’s death with the caption, ‘Black Lives Matter riots Started in Minneapolis in May of 2020.'” Claybrook added.

“The last photo sent to the 40/29 Newsroom shows rioters on Jan. 6 at the insurrection at the Capitol with the caption, ‘Trump supporters protest at the Capitol.'”

The captions in the yearbook for Lincoln Junior High School understandably generated outrage from some parents.

“I would like to offer my deepest apologies for the inaccuracies and mistakes in the Lincoln Junior High School 2020-2021 yearbook,” said Principal Josh Thompson.

“This yearbook does not represent our values nor meet LJHS and Bentonville Schools’ standards for quality and excellence.”

Yearbook refunds will be granted.