Children more likely to plead guilty when innocent, study finds

By - May 25, 2021

The study showed that children’s brains work differently than adults do and they are more sensitive to pressure and rewards.

A new study has found that children are more likely to plead guilty when they are actually innocent. Many would like to believe that the criminal justice system is only for adults and that it is not something a child would ever have to worry about. However, there are children everywhere facing legal problems for committing crimes. Children and youth commit crimes for many reasons and they are entitled to the same fair legal system as adults, but when it comes time to plead their stance in court, it looks like children are taking responsibility for crimes that they do not commit.

According to PHYS and The Justice Gap, a study may be showing that children are more likely to plead guilty to a crime when they didn’t even commit it. This can be a concern for the legal system and may point to necessary changes that need to be made.


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