Black women trending in politics, look to build upon gains in coming elections

By The Hill - June 5, 2021

Black female candidates are working to build upon their success in the last election cycle, setting their sights on governor’s mansions, Capitol Hill, and city halls in 2021 and 2022.

They made history in 2020, with Vice President Harris becoming the first Black and South Asian woman to hold the post, while Rep. Cori Bush (D) became the first Black woman to represent Missouri in Congress.

Despite the gains made last year, when the nation also saw a record number of Black female candidates win election to Congress, Black women remain underrepresented in political offices up and down the ballot. But upcoming elections show the group is working to change that.

“I can tell you that the structures that are in place, they aren’t built for people like me,” said Virginia gubernatorial candidate and former delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy (D).

Carroll Foy and state Sen. Jennifer McClellan (D) are both hoping to make history as the commonwealth’s first female governor and second Black governor.


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