Biden vs Trump counties: The 67 million people difference

By Brookings Institute - February 6, 2021

Some of President Biden’s detractors point to his razor-thin wins over Donald Trump in several battleground states as evidence that his November victory was far from dominant, despite the fact that Biden won the popular vote by a margin exceeding 7 million, among 159 million votes cast.

Another way of looking at Biden’s victory is to focus on the total populations residing in the counties that Biden and Trump won.

From that perspective, 67 million more people lived in counties won by Biden (197.9 million) than in those won by Trump (130.3 million).

This is the largest difference in two major presidential candidate’s county-won populations since 1996, when Bill Clinton bested Bob Dole.

It is important to note that the total population in these counties includes nonvoters, such as children, noncitizens, and others who did not vote in November. Nonetheless, these residents still reflect the communities in which they live.


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