Attracted to the opposite sex: Only half of young people are “exclusively,” per poll

By Daily Mail UK - March 18, 2021
  • Survey of 18-24 year-olds found 50% are ‘only attracted to those of opposite sex’
  • Proportion of people who only attracted to opposite sex got higher as got older  
  • 76% of 41- 54 year olds solely attracted to opposite sex. 81% of 55-75s said same

Only half of all young people are solely attracted to members of the opposite sex, a poll has revealed.

In a sign that attitudes towards expressing sexuality are shifting, a survey of 18 to 24 year-olds in the UK found just over 50 per cent are ‘only attracted to those of the opposite sex’.

As the age groups got older, the proportion of people who were only attracted to the opposite sex got higher, The Times reports. 

Countless celebrities have revealed they are attracted to both sexes in recent years – including model Cara Delevingne, Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart, pop star Miley CyrusWill Smith‘s daughter Willow and actor Keiynan Lonsdale.

Expert in the psychology of sexual orientation at Trent University in Ontario, Canada, Karen Blair told the paper: ‘The increases at least partially represent an increase in willingness and ability to come out.

“Each recent generation has faced fewer and fewer external pressures to conform to heterosexuality,” Karen Blair, expert in the psychology of sexual orientation at Trent University in Ontario, Canada, told Daily Mail UK.

The survey asked 1,127 adults in the UK and 1,005 in the US and got similar results.

I remember learning in a sex education class (high school or college) that not everyone is 100 percent heterosexual or homosexual.

In the 90s when I was coming of age, we thought our generation was sexuality liberated because homosexuality was starting to be accepted. By 2000, it was even considered kind of cool by some.

Twenty-somethings these days might be FAR more liberated…  A new poll supports what I learned in a sex education class years ago might be accurate. It also supports the idea that people my age (late 40s) and older are far more likely to be more inhibited as far as our sexual preferences.


The video below isn’t directly related to the article but contains relevant information about the topic.

Trent and Luke
Feb 28, 2015
8 min, 42 sec

This video is a light hearted discussion on a few sexual orientations that some of you may not have heard of before INCLUDING US! We find being on youtube you have to be so so careful on what you say and how you say it incase you offend people, This becomes very difficult as there are millions of youtube lovers out there with different views and opinions!

We are the most open minded couple you may ever meet and try our best to come across that way. We are NOT experts on SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS and TBH we don’t wish to be because at the end of the day IT DOESNT MATTER Who anyone is attracted to.

In this film we are trying to show how different and unique people are but how we are all the same because being accepting is what makes us move forward! We really hope this is what you take from this video and NOT how we are not experts on the discussion!
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