Are we heading towards a summer of sex?

By BBC - May 26, 2021

Now that vaccines are rolling out, some are trumpeting plans to make up for a year of isolation. So, is a hedonistic summer in the offing? Not so fast, say experts.

On a flight in April, one Twitter user overheard a fellow flyer utter a sentence he’s likely never heard before: “Vaxxed and waxed, baby, I’m ready for some action on this trip.”

After more than a year of social isolation during the pandemic, the sentiment may perfectly encapsulate the purported vibe of the coming months – a period in which people are swapping masks for a different kind of protection. Welcome to summer 2021: the summer of sex.

Along with news headlines trumpeting a so-called ‘hot vax summer’, some dating-app users have also adopted a not-so-subtle note in their bios that they’re “vaXXXed”. This racy prediction for the summer is so widely held that some experts are even worried in a possible STI spike.

But, amid all of this hype, is a summer of sex actually going to happen? After all, in much of the world, Covid-19 is still running rampant, and during the pandemic, sexual desire dropped in both singles and couples. The answer may not be a question of people exclusively running towards sexual fulfillment; rather, sex experts say that as more people get vaccinated and lockdowns lift, it’s more likely people will re-enter society and seek any kind of deep bond – not just sexual ones.


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