An ex-Tinder and Bumble scientist predicts the future of online dating

By InsideHook - April 1, 2021

Dr. Jess Carbino shares her expert predictions for the post-pandemic future of dating apps.

Look, it’s no secret that the pandemic has been a great time for dating apps — as tasteless as it may sound to refer to the past twelve months as a “great time” for any entity, for any reason.

But while Tinder, Bumble and other heavy hitters in the online dating world may not like to brag about this particular stroke of good fortune, they can’t pretend this whole thing hasn’t worked out for them. While the widespread effects of COVID-19 saw most other industries forced to adapt, often dramatically, to unprecedented circumstances, if not shutter altogether, the unique climate of an era of social distancing saw dating apps step into a spotlight they’d been inching toward for years anyway.

As pandemic life eliminated most opportunities to meet a potential romantic interest in real life, dating apps quickly became the only viable option for those hoping to maintain some semblance of a dating life in the early days of the pandemic. In short, in the age of COVID-19, all dating is online dating. 


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